The School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry (School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics prior to 2015) was established in 2001, though each discipline has held an important place within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Faculty of Arts prior to 2014) for many decades. Today, the disciplines work together in the areas of teaching, research and school administration, whilst retaining their respective community activities and professional associations.
The School is a primary provider of programs in its disciplines within Queensland, and is recognised internationally for the high quality of its teaching and research. The School is dedicated to cross-disciplinary teaching and learning activities, so that students are offered a variety of learning experiences in collaboration between the disciplines and with other schools across the university. Three of the seven University of Queensland Rhodes scholars in recent years have been either History or Philosophy majors, and the research community hosts a vibrant and enthusiastic cohort of research students. 
The School is the monopoly provider of tertiary studies in Classics, Religion and Philosophy in Queensland and has the largest History discipline of any Queensland tertiary institution.

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