RD Milns Antiquities Museum

The RD Milns Antiquities Museum strives to support and promote the study of the classical civilisations of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Near East through their material remains, at primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions in Queensland and Australia, as well as to the general public.

The Museum's vision is of a dynamic public space that encourages interaction with, and understanding of, the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, and the profound impact that these cultures have had upon the literature, art, politics, and society of our modern world.

Friends of Antiquity

Friends of Antiquity, a society sponsored jointly by the Discipline of Classics and Ancient History and the Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland, is a group of people who believe that learning should not be confined to the classroom. The group provides an informal social environment in which all lovers of history, art and literature can gather to share their enjoyment of antiquity with like-minded enthusiasts.

The society is open to people from all walks of life, from within and outside the University of Queensland community.

Queensland Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (QFAAIA)

The Queensland Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (QFAAIA) supports the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (AAIA) through student bursaries, scholarly lectures and the annual AAIA visiting professor. The QFAAIA is open to all people who support these goals. The School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry at UQ is a member of the AAIA, and members of its academic staff serve on the executive of the QFAAIA and the AAIA. For more information see


International Connections

The School prioritises international connections and an interconnected learning community, striving to encourage critically-thinking global citizens.

The School gains and maintains programs of exchange, as well as leadership and community engagement, both within Australia and overseas. Embedded within the School curricula are the learning elements needed for students to build and develop their skills, attitudes and habits as global-minded citizens.

Complementing the School’s undergraduate programs are the international intensive study tour programs led by staff members from within the school that provide additional skill development and learning opportunities in a global setting. These study tour initiatives reflect the breadth of research and teaching within the School. During January-February, 2016 the School held an international study tour, ANCH2900: RD Milns Antiquities Museum International Internship & Field School, led by Dr Janette McWilliam.

The School has a vibrant public lecture and seminar series that showcases national and international scholarly research in the areas of Classics and Ancient History, Studies in Religion, Philosophy and History. In September 2015, Deputy Head of School, Professor Alastair Blanshard, delivered a lecture in the UQ Global Engagement Series.

Our international connections provide ongoing benefits to students, staff and the broader community. The School was instrumental in developing, through Digital Histories, Cultures and Landscapes (formerly the Centre for the Government of Queensland), a suite of digital resources for cultural and landscape history. The Director led several projects funded by the ARC and the Queensland Government to develop digitised sources on Queensland's colonial and state history. The resulting websites include Text Queensland, Queensland Speaks, Queensland Places and the Queensland Historical Atlas.


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