Mission statement

The School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry operates within the strategic directions laid down by The University of Queensland and its Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The School enables its students and staff to positively influence the society in which they live by creating a learning and discovery environment in which they can develop and fulfill their aspirations, and enables engagement with state, national and international communities.  

The School aspires to be one of Australia's leading centres of scholarly excellence in the disciplines which constitute its core activities of teaching and research - Classics and Ancient History, Studies in Religion, Philosophy and History.  

The School is one of Australia's premier providers of high quality undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, postgraduate research training and scholarly research and publication, comparable with the highest standards nationally and internationally, while retaining the breadth of teaching and scholarship for which the School is historically known.  

The School provides graduates of quality, sufficiently trained to pursue postgraduate research study within the School and/or to find satisfying and valuable careers outside of academia. The School remains cognisant of external changes in tertiary education, particularly in relation to technology, to ensure that the best quality and most efficient techniques are combined with the best pedagogy in the delivery of Learning, Discovery and Engagement.