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21.3.2018 Professor Megan Cassidy-Welch

Women and Power HASS News

19.3.2018: Emeritus Professor Clive Moore
Historian honoured in Solomon Island, UQ News


13.12.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning 
 Lighting the match in Jerusalem, Daily Sabah, Istanbul.

30.11.2017: Dr Martyn Brown 
Funeral of New Zealand Hero of the Battle of Crete, Chaniokita Nea

18.09.2017: Professor Clive Moore (quoted in article by Will Higginbotham)
Australians 'just starting to wake up' to historical South Sea Islander Slavery: Jeff McMullen, ABC News

18.09.2017: Dr Joel Katzav 
Building the Case for the Egalitarian Distribution of Research Funds, University of Queensland

26.08.2017:  Professor Clive Moore (quoted in article by Michael Madigan)
25.08.2017: Professor Clive Moore (quoted in blog by Stephen Gapps)
Blackbirding: Australia's Slave Trade? Australian National Maritime Museum
21.01.2017: Associate Professor Martin Crotty (quoted in article by Susan Johnson)
Patriot Gains, Adelaide Advertiser
20.01.2017: Associate Professor Martin Crotty (quoted in article by Susan Johnson)


08.08.2016: Dr David Pritchard
Research staff score a better deal, The Australian (Higher Education Supplement)


10.07.2015: Dr David Pritchard
20.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
14.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
Interviewed for article on recognition of article reviewers, The Australian Higher Education Supplement




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29.03.2018 Dr Tristan Dunning with James Morris, "Islamic State schooled children as soldiers - how can their 'education' be undone?" The Conversation

20.03.2018 Dr Tristan Dunning with Damian Doyle, "A Tragic Anniversary: The Costs of the Iraq Invasion" Australian Outlook, Australian Institute of International Affairs

7:2:2018: Peter Ellerton and Dave Kinkead

How to use critical thinking to spot false climate claims, the Conversation review


05.12.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning 
Radical Islam threat to Australia exaggeratedThe Brisbane Line, Royal United Services Institute, Queensland

21.07.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning 
01.06.2017: Dr Martyn Brown
10.05.2017: Mr Ian Kemish AM
02.05.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
18.04.2017: Peter Ellerton
05.04.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
03.04.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning (with Damian Doyle)
23.03.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning (with Damian Doyle)
The Day After: Iraq in the Wake of the Caliphate, Australian Outlook, Australian Institute of International Affairs
22.03.2017: Dr Michael Stewart
Interview about Marcus Cornelius Fronto, tutor to Marcus Aurelius, episode LXVI - Fronto, 'Emperors at Rome' podcast
31.01.2017: Peter Ellerton


23.12.2016: Peter Ellerton
09.12.2016: Nile de Jonge (valedictorian, Honours student supervised by Dr Amelia Brown)
07.12.2016: Dr Jon Piccini
02.12.2016: Dr Patrick Jory
01.12.2016: Peter Ellerton
Gifts of ancient coins enrich UQ Antiquities Museum, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
17.11.2016: Freya Mathews (Adjunct Professor of Environmental Philosophy at Latrobe University)
Wisdom From The Mount (video specifically prepared for World Philosophy Day), Vimeo
24.10.2016: Dr Patrick Jory
19.10.2016: Philosophy
10.10.2016: Peter Ellerton
15.09.2016: Peter Ellerton
22.08.2016: Dr Patrick Jory
03.08.2016: Dr David Pritchard
03.08.2016: Dr David Pritchard
28.07.2016: Dr David Pritchard
25.07.2016: Peter Ellerton
21.07.2016: Peter Ellerton
15.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
14.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
08.06.2016: Dr David Pritchard
Der wahre Wert von Olympia, Süddeutsche Zeitung
02.06.2016: Dr Jon Piccini
30.05.2016: Peter Ellerton
13.05.2016: Sheilagh O'Brien
13.05.2016: Dr David Pritchard
19.04.2016: Dr Kriston Rennie
Invading the Australian Mind, TJ Ryan Foundation
01.04.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
30.03.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
14.03.2016: Lynda Flower (MA, Studies in Religion student)
10.03.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
23.02.2016: Mr Ian Kemish AM
10.02.2016: Liam Miller
02.02.2016: Peter Ellerton
29.01.2016: Peter Ellerton
07.01.2016: Peter Ellerton


29.10.2015: Sheilagh O'Brien
28.10.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
An edited excerpt from a lecture ‘Lessons from the Ancient Past for Contemporary Australia’ presented as part of UQ’s Global Leadership Series
09.10.2015: Ana Stevenson
02.10.2015: Dr David Pritchard
10.09.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning and Damian Doyle
27.08.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
19.08.2015: Peter Ellerton
11.08.2015: Peter Ellerton
Media attention for his work (co-authored with Christopher Mallan) on the new fragment of the historian Dexippus, which discusses a 'second' battle of Thermopylae (published in Journal of Roman Studies, 2015)
'Madness in Civilisation review: Andrew Scull's sweeping coverage and dark wit', reviewed by Dolly MacKinnon,The Age, also published in The Sydney Morning Herald, and Brisbane Times
03.08.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
14.07.2015: Peter Ellerton
10.07.2015: Dr David Pritchard
15.06.2015: Peter Ellerton
09.06.2015: Dr Geoff Ginn
29.05.2015: Peter Ellerton
20.05.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
11.05.2015: Peter Ellerton
26.04.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
20.03.2015: Associate Professor Deborah Brown, Solid Pathways
19.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
13.03.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
09.03.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
06.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
05.03.2015: Dr David Pritchard
20.02.2015: Dr Patrick Jory
04.02.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
23.01.2015: Dr Patrick Jory
21.01.2015: Dr Patrick Jory
12.01.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning


18.12.2014: Peter Ellerton
11.12.2014: Mr Ian Kemish AM (introduced at around 01:24:15, 11am ceremony)
11.12.2014: Joanna Timms
27.11.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard (Sam Fimis' article on Professor Blanshard's Inaugural Professorial Lecture)
24.11.2014: Associate Professor Deborah BrownPeter Ellerton, Solid Pathways
21.11.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
19.11.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
14.11.2014: Peter Ellerton
13.11.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
29.10.2014: Professor Alastair Blanshard, Inaugural Dr Paul Eliadis Chair of Classics and Ancient History
Why the Ancient Greeks MatterAlumni & Community
08.10.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
02.10.2014: Mr Ian Kemish AM
2014 UQ Alumni Awards RecipientsAlumni & Communities
02.10.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
27.08.2014: Friends of Antiquity and discipline of Classics and Ancient History
26.08.2014: Mr Ian Kemish AM
Interviewed for article on impact of Edward Snowden's affair in GermanySydney Morning Herald
12.08.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
30.07.2014: Dr Romain Fathi
Remembering French-Australian wartime connectionsFaculties of Humanities and Social Sciences
28.07.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
17.07.2014: Peter Ellerton
Reinventing philosophy as a way of lifeMonash University Arts News
18.06.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
12.06.2014: Dr Romain Fathi
Classical AnswersContact Magazine
13.05.2014: Peter Ellerton
24.04.2014: Dr Romain Fathi
23.04.2014: Peter Ellerton
10.04.2014: Dr Gilbert Burgh
10.04.2014: Dr Romain Fathi
Find out more about your WWI artefactsFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
29.03.2014: Dr Gilbert Burgh
Classic lines for Valentine's DayAlumni & Community
31.01.2014: Peter Ellerton
24.01.2014: Dr David Pritchard
16.01.2014: Peter Ellerton
January 2014: State Library of Queensland

Public Lectures

Professor John Maynard (University of Newcastle)

History Speaks: Humanity's Challenges, 25 May 2017

Hosted by the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry & UQ Art Museum, proudly supported by the Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) and introduced by Michael Aird ARC Research Fellow in the School of of Social Science at The University of Queensland 

The 1967 Referendum was a defining moment in not just Aboriginal but Australian history. Within Aboriginal communities the euphoria of the 1967 Referendum result was overwhelming. But fifty years on it is difficult not to overlook the failure of successive Australian governments to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. Professor Maynard’s discussion will look back across the past including the decade leading up to the Referendum and the five decades following the landslide result. What has changed for Aboriginal people? Where is the country today?

Associate Professor Dolly MacKinnon:

Royal Consorts and The History of the Emotions, 24 October 2015

Presented by ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions and Latitude 37

Join Latitude 37 for this free event marking the release of their latest recording for ABC Classics, Royal Consorts. With stunning music from the time of the English Civil War period. This event offers an opportunity to learn about the repertoire from the artists and the music’s historical context with Associate Professor Dolly MacKinnon (Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History, The University of Queensland, Associate Investigator, Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions) in a conversational-style talk, and includes performance of excerpts by Latitude 37 from this exciting new ABC Classics CD.

Professor Alastair Blanshard:

Lessons from the Ancient Past for Contemporary Australia, 22 September 2015

UQ Global Engagement Series

An edited excerpt of the lecture is available at UQ Alumni News, History teaches us nothing can stop Bridezilla

Associate Professor Richard Hutch:

Marching to the Courthouse for Freedom: The Life of a Volunteer in the American Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South in 1965

Dr David Pritchard:

War and Military Spending in the Ancient Athenian Democracy, 20 May 2015

Public lecture given at the University of Melbourne's School of Historical and Philosophical Studies

Professor Alastair Blanshard:

Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Why the Ancient Greeks Matter, 29 October 2014

Professor Blanshard is the Inaugural Dr Paul Eliadis Chair of Classics and Ancient History

Associate Professor Martin Crotty:

The Great War and its Place in Australian History, 8 July 2014

UQ Global Leadership Series, 2014



On moving the US Embassy to JerusalemRadio Sputnik UK, Edinburgh, 14 May 2018

After key US decisions, will Israel step up its aggression in the Middle East? The Wire Radio, Australia, 15 May 2018


09.12.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
Repercussions of Trump’s Jerusalem decisionRadio Sputnik International, Moscow

Featured in: Connection Matters with Charles Pakana, 3 Kool n Deadly
14.07.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview regardin 'Foreign Fighters in Daesh/ISIS' on Radio Sputnik UK
24.05.2017: Dr Martyn Brown
Interview regarding Battle for Crete 1941, 3ZZZ Melbourne - coming soon
10.05.2017: Peter Ellerton
Interview regarding the backlash against political parties and politicians in the US and French elections, ABC Radio Sydney
05.04.2017: Dr Martyn Brown
02.04.2017: Dr Tom Aechtner (and others)
07.03.2017: Dr David Pritchard
Ancient history - it needn't be all Greek to you, ABC Radio Brisbane Evenings with David Curnow
06.03.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
20.02.2017: Dr Shushma Malik
Who were the Romans? Mythbusting life in the ancient Empire, ABC Radio Conversations with Richard Fidler
02.02.2017: Peter Ellerton
Conspiracy Theories Are News?, Radio Adelaide 101.5FM


Interview as part of World Philosophy Day, Radio Reversal 4ZZZ Brisbane
Plebiscites, ABC Radio National
21.10.2016: Dr Shushma Malik
Ancient Rome's most loved and despised Emperor, Nero, ABC Radio Conversations with Richard Fidler
14.10.2016: Dr Patrick Jory
14.10.2016: Dr Patrick Jory
Interview discussing Thailand's Crown Prince Maha, ABC NewsRadio Sydney Drive
11.10.2016: Peter Ellerton
Interview discussing her recently published book 'Shackled: Female Convicts at Moreton Bay 1826-1839' and the 144 female convicts transported to Moreton Bay, 612 ABC Brisbane Afternoons
21.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview discussing the question, "Who are the PKK?", 702 ABC Breakfast Sydney
18.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview discussing terrorism in France, ABC Radio Statewide NSW, Drive
17.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview discussing the question, "Why is France a terrorism target?", 2UE 954 Sydney
26.05.2016: Dr David Pritchard
Interview regarding Ancient History Day, 612 ABC Brisbane


12.09.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview on Tom Curran's book The Grand DeceptionPrime Radio Network, Queensland
27.07.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview on Tom Curran's book The Grand Deception6PR Perth evening show
Interview on federal government research funding policy, ABC Radio National, PM programme
Interview on Tom Curran's book The Grand DeceptionABC 891 Adelaide
Interview on higher education deregulation, 612 ABC Brisbane
15.03.2015: Dr Tom Stevenson
07.03.2015: Dr Tom Stevenson
01.02.2015: Wesley Theobald


08.10.2014: Peter Ellerton
01.09.2014: Dr Tristan Dunning
Discussing the differences between children in ancient Greece and children today, 612 ABC Brisbane
Discussing children in ancient Rome, 612 ABC Brisbane
21.08.2014: Peter Ellerton
11.08.2014: Dr Tom Stevenson
Discussing the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, 4BC
14.07.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
Discussing the Australian Historical Association 33rd Annual Conference, "Conflict in History", 4BC
22.05.2014: Dr Patrick Jory
20.04.2014: Dr Dominic Hyde
Interview on Napoleon Bonaparte, Queensland ABC Radio
26.03.2014: Romain Fathi and Tracy Ryan (Curator, Queensland Museum)
04.03.2014: Dr Patrick Jory

Research Conferences

Associate Professor Dolly MacKinnon (Chair), Dr Kriston Rennie (School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry), Dr Andrea Bubenik (School of Communication and Arts), Dr Sam Owens (School of Music), Dr Denis Collins (School of Music), Professor Peter Harrison (Centre for the History of European Discourses), Professor Peter Holbrook (ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions), and Penny Boys (ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions), Conference Committee Members:

Australian and New Zealand Medieval and Early Modern Society Biennial International Conference

The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane, Australia, 14-18 July, 2015
& Postgraduate Advanced Training Session, 20 July, 2015 



04.12.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
“Food and Culture in the Middle East”Food Lab by Ben Milbourne, SBS Food Network, S2 Ep.10. 
02.01.2017: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview regarding the New Year's massacre in Istanbul, ABC News 24 (via ABC News 24's twitter page)


20.12.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
19.10.2016: Dr Patrick Jory
21.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview regarding the ongoing situation in Turkey, ABC News Breakfast
Interview part 1 (via ABC News Breakfast's facebook page)
and part 2 (via ABC News Breakfast's facebook page)
18.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
04.07.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
University guidelines 'reinvent history', Channel 10 Melbourne, TEN Eyewitness News
University guidelines 'reinvent history', Channel 10 Adelaide, TEN Eyewitness News
University guidelines 'reinvent history', Channel 10 Brisbane, TEN Eyewitness News
University guidelines 'reinvent history', Channel 10 Sydney, TEN Eyewitness News
Interview regarding the report that university students are being taught Australia was not settled, but invaded, Channel 9 Brisbane, National Nine News
Australia was 'invaded' by British 'not settled' according to university, Channel 7 Sydney, News at 4pm
Australia was 'invaded' by British 'not settled' according to university, Channel 7 Melbourne, Seven News Vic at 4pm
16.03.2016: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview regarding the recent bomings in Ankara, Sky News Australia
Interview on parallels between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, The Project, Channel Ten


27.07.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview regarding US strategy, Sky News Australia
14.07.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning
Interview regarding Iran, major powers strike nuclear deal, Sky News Australia
17.03.2015: Dr Tristan Dunning


Interview on higher education "reform", Studio 10, Channel 10
20.05.2014: Dr Patrick Jory