Milestones Feedback and Assessment Process

Your milestone committee will advise you of their decision at the end of the interview, and will elaborate in written feedback within two weeks of the interview.

If your milestone committee agrees that attainment of the milestone should be granted, a form to this effect is completed and sent to the Graduate School.

If your milestone committee does not consider that you have fulfilled the requirements for the attainment of a milestone, the committee will detail, in written feedback, what you must rectify or improve on in your submission. You then have the opportunity to address the concerns of the committee, usually within a maximum of three months. The committee may or may not require a further interview.

In very rare cases, the committee may recommend termination of candidature if the candidate has not met the requirements after two attempts, and if the committee can see no likely prospect of the candidate being able to do so.

For further information, see the Milestone completion information on the Graduate School website.