• PhD (2002 – 2009) Queensland University of Technology – Humanities Program
    • Interdisciplinary Epistemology (Philosophy, Theology, Sociology)
  • MA (Theology), (2010) Australian Catholic University
    • Ecclesiology focus
  • Honours in Philosophy (1996 – 1997) University of Queensland
    • Kierkegaard and Buber focus
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (1991) Victoria College
    • Teaching areas: History and Social Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (1986 – 1990) Flinders University of South Australia
    • Majors: Philosophy and Politics

Research Interests

As Director of the Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society (Emmanuel College, UQ) my interests are strongly interdisciplinary across the broad fields of the Social Sciences, Philosophy and Theology. The manner in which knowledge, power and belief interact with each other, constructing and challenging our life-world, is my main area of interest. Within philosophy, my area of academic specialization is Plato with a particular interest in epistemology, metaphysics and the Christian Platonism of Patristic and Medieval thought. Within theology, my areas of specialization are Kierkegaard and John Milbank, concerned primarily with theological epistemology, political theology, and the theological genealogy of secular modernity. Within the social sciences, my areas of specialization are the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of religion, drawing on Peter Berger’s work, and the sociology of technology and media studies, drawing on the work of Jacques Ellul.

Current Research Interests

At present I am exploring the manner in which finance has no metaphysics (as money has no naturalistic or transcendent existence) and yet shapes the social and (post)political realities of the dominant powers of the globalized technological age. I am finding the troubles of the Eurozone very ‘interesting’ in regard to how they disclose what relations there may need to be between reality and financial power. The “erratic Marxism” of Yanis Varoufakis and the theology of money being developed by Philip Goodchild are the central avenues of my research interests at present.

Current Research Projects

I am finishing a book on the relations between ontology, epistemology and faith.

I am keen to set up research units within the Emmanuel Centre looking at: (a) Climate change; (b) Medical Ethics; (c) Indigenous justice and theology; (d) Economics and theology; (e) Law and politics.