Research Interests

My work lies in contemporary religion-and-science discourse, with a focus on religiously-motivated antievolutionism, scientism, mass persuasion, public perceptions of science, and the ongoing Evolution Wars. I also have secondary research interests associated with religion in the African diaspora, Pentecostalism, and Global Christianity.

Current Research Project

At present I am working on a project affiliated with the Faraday Institute's Uses and Abuses of Biology Programme. My own contribution to this multiyear project is entitled 'Evolution, Atheism, and Mass Persuasion.' This research initiative examines how interpretations of biological evolution are being deployed throughout New Atheist media, which is contrasted with antievolutionist rhetoric.

Featured projects Duration
Teaching science-religion conflict
Summer Research Scholarship
Improving Vaccination Rates in Australia: Analysing Media, Religion and Policy
Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Research Fellowship
Immunisation Hesitancies: Analysing Religion, Persuasion, and Anti-Vaccination Media in Australia
UQ Early Career Researcher Grant
A Queensland Atlas of Religion: Faith, migration, identity
The University of Queensland

Areas of research