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I am an Australian historian primarily interested in the history of bodies, especially the history of sexuality and the history of reproduction.

I have published widely on sexuality, masculinity, childbirth, race and medicine, and child health. My book, Let's Talk About Sex (2011) explores a range of Australian sexualities in early twentieth century Australia. More specific case studies from this time period have been published in a range of journals, including The Journal of the History of Sexuality, Women's History Review, Australian Historical Studies and Australian Feminist Studies.With Amanda Kaladelfos, I am currently working on sexual crimes in 1950s Australia, which will result in a monograph in 2015, published with Melbourne University Publishing. I currently hold an ARC grant "Sexual Offences, Legal Responses and Public Perceptions: 1880s-1980s", with Amanda Kaladelfos (Griffith), Carolyn Strange (ANU) and Nina Westera (Griffith).

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Sexual Offences, Legal Responses and Public Perceptions: 1880s-1980s
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Medicine, Law and Gender in Australian History
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