The Athenian Funeral Oration Project

January 2017December 2018

This project brings together 19 of the world’s leading ancient historians to study the famous funeral oration of democratic Athens. This solemn speech was delivered each year for Athenians who had died in war. This project will produce the first comprehensive study of this genre in 40 years. It will be the most-comprehensive study to date of the treatment of war in Athenian public discourse. The outside partner is L’Institut d’études avancées de l’Université de Strasbourg (USIAS). For this project’s realisation USIAS has granted me $96,000. Further funding of $25,000 is coming from the Aroney Trust and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. The conference for bringing together the project-members will take place in Strasbourg in 2018. Cambridge University Press has expressed the firmest-possible interest in publishing the edited book to come from it. The Athenian Funeral Oration: 40 Years after Nicole Loraux will be published in 2021. I am this book’s editor and the project’s manager.

Project members

Dr David Pritchard

Senior Lecturer in Greek History