The School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry is home to nationally- and internationally-renowned scholars. We have a proud record of research excellence, successful attraction of funding and publication by both staff and Research Higher Degree students in leading journals and by major scholarly presses.

School Research Strengths

Australian Cultural and Social History

Examines themes in gender and sexuality, political radicalism, and aspects of urban history, heritage and landscape of Australia.

European Philosophy and Ethics

Examine a range of issues and traditions in moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, the history of European philosophy, the philosophy of education, environmental ethics, business and professional ethics, bioethics, and the philosophy of action.

International History

Examining international debates in the fields of medieval, modern European, Asian, Pacific and US history.

Late Antiquity

The study of the history, art, archaeology, literature and culture of the Mediterranean world in the second to seventh centuries after Christ.

Logic and the Philosophy of Science

Examines fundamental issues in formal and informal reasoning, the nature of scientific reasoning, and other issues concerned with scientific method, scientific knowledge, the rise of modern science, the nature of scientific entities and metaphysical concepts that underlie science.

Religion and Culture

The study of the history of religions, the global impact of both eastern and western religious thought, and analyses of contemporary religious movements.

Social and Cultural History of the Greco-Roman World

Examines the social and ideological forces that shaped the lives and beliefs of ancient populations.