Research Statements

Classical Greek and Roman History

Fields of Research code: 210306

UQ’s Classics and Ancient History discipline has an outstanding national and international reputation. The discipline boasts sub-field strengths in the social and cultural history of the Greco-Roman world through to Late Antiquity and beyond. Most staff and RHD students are concentrated in these areas, and the quality of their work is reflected in recent DECRA successes, international fellowships, and substantial research productions, particularly books with leading international publishers and articles in highly-ranked international journals. Innovative outputs, including RD Milns Antiquities Museum exhibitions and catalogues, have broadened the discipline’s research impact and public engagement. A notable feature of the research endeavours in Classics and Ancient History is the focus on linkages with the discipline of Archaeology, which has resulted in significant collaborations such as research projects in Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Italy. Staff also research in Drama, Reception Studies and Museum Studies.

Religion and Religious Studies

Fields of Research code: 2204

UQ’s Studies in Religion discipline is the second-largest religious studies unit in Australia, and has a national and international reputation for its innovative and high-quality research. The discipline’s research strengths include the history of religions and religion in the contemporary world. These research concentrations are represented by research expertise in Asian religions, the relations between contemporary science and religion, as well as pastoral care research. UQ’s Studies in Religion group also features a substantial community of RHD students and Honoraries. Studies in Religion has maintained a world-class research profile, reflected in grants and significant research outputs, including books and articles in first-rate journals. The discipline maintains strong links with UQ’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, which has resulted in key collaborations, including the ARC Laureate Fellowship awarded to Professor Peter Harrison.


Fields of Research code: 2203

Philosophy research at UQ is concentrated in the sub-disciplines of European philosophy, logic and metaphysics, and moral and political philosophy. All staff, post-doctoral research fellows and most RHD students are concentrated in these areas of philosophy, and the quality of the research is demonstrated in the important research outcomes, especially monographs with influential international presses, and papers published in outstanding international journals. A notable feature of Philosophy’s research is its collaborative focus, including interdisciplinary research in science, education, and ethics. This has resulted in large collaborations through ARC Discovery grants, a Templeton Grant and a UQ Genomics grant.

Historical Studies

Fields of Research code: 2103

The History discipline at UQ has developed an international reputation for excellence with strengths in Australian and Asia-Pacific cultural and social history, ancient history (Greek and Roman), European history (medieval, early modern and modern) and the history of religion. There is a critical mass of scholars working in Asian history and military history, and honorary staff appointments are strong in Pacific History. There is an emerging strength in historical studies of gender and sexuality and the history of emotions. The Australian Journal of Politics and History is based at UQ, reflecting linkages with politics and international relations. The quality of the work is reflected in the considerable number of major research outputs, particularly books with prestigious international publishers and articles in highly-ranked international journals.