Studies in Religion Mid-Candidature Review Milestone

Please carefully read through the following requirements. If any further advice is required, contact the School Research Higher Degree Administrative Officer.


Mid-Review Documents

Must be submitted no later than 10 working days before Milestone Presentations

Student Academic Portfolio

This document must be updated to reflect your progress since Confirmation, and must be signed by your Principal Advisor before it is submitted to the School Research Higher Degree Administrative Officer.

This document must demonstrate:

  • you have a sharply defined topic with parameters of research clearly established;
  • you have an awareness of critical issues and debates pertaining to your thesis topic;
  • you have an appropriate and rigorously developed research plan and strategies;
  • there is a logical shape or structure to your research; and
  • you have realistic and adequate aims and objectives for the period leading up to the thesis review.
Research Document

Candidates at the Mid-Candidature Review Milestone are required to submit a 'research document' which shows some of the results of their endeavours to date.

  • The research document must be a draft thesis chapter (or part thereof) or an article or other publication, whether accepted for publication or under consideration.
  • The research document should be a minimum of 5,000 words in length for PhD candidates; 3,000 for MPhil candidates. Where possible, please provide a complete chapter.
  • A relevant bibliography must be provided.
  • This document must read coherently, be referenced properly, and be proof-read.

At the Mid-Candidature Review Milestone you should be able to demonstrate in the written component of the submission.

  • Completion of an appropriate portion of the thesis to PhD or MPhil standard depending on candidature.
  • Realistic and adequate aims and objectives for the period leading to the Thesis Review.

RHD students in Studies in Religion due for their Mid-Candidature Review milestone will have the option of not presenting a seminar. However, they will still be expected to submit the same paperwork as currently required. A meeting between the candidate and the Milestone Committee (consisting of the advisory team and the Discipline Research Higher Degree Advisor) will take place as before. However, if the candidate or the candidate's advisory team thinks their situation merits a seminar presentation, then one can still be arranged.

The procedure for the new meeting process will be:

  • 1. The Milestone Committee meets with the student and the student has the opportunity to speak to his or her thesis' work (as partially presented in the documentation). The student should pay specific attention to what progress has been made since the previous milestone, with a clear trajectory to the final milestone.
  • 2. The advisory team is asked to leave the room and the Discipline Research Higher Degree Advisor consults with the student.
  • 3. The student is asked to leave the room, and the Milestone Committee is invited back in to deliberate over its decision.
  • 4. The student is invited back in to the room and informed of the outcome.

A candidate who has already presented a seminar at any milestone stage, but has not successfully passed through, is not required to present a seminar at the same stage again unless this is stipulated by the candidate's advisory team or Milestone Committee. The candidate ought to talk this over with his or her advisors.

Oral Presentation
  • A 30 minute oral presentation (normally including ten minutes for questions from the audience).
  • Oral Presentations and Interviews are scheduled by the Discipline Research Higher Degree Advisor.
  • In the oral component of the submission you should show an ability to deliver a presentation of academic conference standard eg. pay attention to the length of your presentation, (so avoid reading out a lengthy chapter; you may need to create a specific presentation suitable for oral delivery), pay attention to time limits, use handouts and PowerPoints where appropriate.
  • The oral presentation can be a version of the chapter/part chapter you submit, but it must be worked up into an appropriate form for delivery as specified above.
  • Please submit the written version of this paper with your other documents.

All Research Higher Degree candidates, at all Milestones, are required to attend a 30-minute interview with a Milestones committee. The committee will, after interviewing the candidate, provide written feedback and advice.


Your Milestone Committee will advise you of their decision at the end of the interview, and will elaborate in written feedback within two weeks of the interview.

  • If your Milestone Committee agrees that attainment of the Milestone should be granted, a form to this effect is completed and sent to the Graduate School.
  • If your Milestone Committee does not consider that you have fulfilled the requirements for the attainment of a Milestone, the committee will detail, in written feedback, what you must rectify or improve on in your submission. You then have the opportunity to address the concerns of the committee, usually within a maximum of three months. Your committee will set out a timeline at the end of the interview if you are required to resubmit documents. The committee may or may not require a further interview.
  • In very rare cases, the committee may recommend termination of candidature if the candidate has not met the requirements after two attempts, and if the committee can see no likely prospect of the candidate being able to do so.

Please read through the information below to ensure you are fully informed of the procedure:

University-wide policy, Research Higher Degree Candidature Progression and Development:

UQ Graduate School Completing Each Milestone: