Your Bachelor degree is one of a number of programs you can study within the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry.

The study paths and degrees available are outlined below.  

An Honours degree is a research-intensive, one-year full-time program of study. You will take a number of research seminars and write a thesis on a topic of your choice. The normal entry path into Honours is through completion of a Bachelor degree – such as a Bachelor of Arts – with a major in the discipline in which you intend to undertake Honours, and a minimum GPA of 5.0 in that major. 

The normal entry path into a Research Higher Degree is through completion of an Honours degree with a result of IIA or First Class. Depending on student preferences and qualification, a student can undertake an MPhil, an MPhil followed by a PhD, or progress directly into a PhD program. The School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry offers a Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. The MPhil programme is normally one and a half years to two years of full-time study while the PhD is three to four years of full-time study.