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Semester 2, 2018

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Course Code
Course Title
Catherine Smallcombe c.smallcombe@uq.edu.au ANCH1250 The Rise of Ancient Rome: Roman History from Romulus to Augustus
Edward L'Orange e.lorange@uq.edu.au 
Carlos Robines carlos.robinson@uq.edu.au  ANCH2130 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
John McTavish j.mctavish@uq.edu.au 
Amy van der Boor a.vanderboor@uq.edu.au
Nicola Ernst n.holm@uq.edu.au  ANCH2431 The World of Late Antiquity
Michael Stewart michael.stewart@uq.edu.au 
Rachel Dowe r.dowe@uq.edu.au ANCH3020 Special Topic in Greek History
Denis Brosnan d.brosnan@uq.edu.au  LATN3002 Advanced Latin 2
Murray Kane murray.kane@uq.edu.au GREK2240 Greek Language & Literature 2
Murray Kane murray.kane@uq.edu.au GREK3002 Advanced Greek 2

Course Coordinator details can be found on the Classics Courses page.

Course Code
Course Title
Shirin Jamarani m.jamarani@uq.edu.au RELN1000 World Religions
Chris Gibbons c.gibbons1@uq.edu.au
Rick Strelan rick.strelan@uq.edu.au 
Brendan Walsh  b.walsh2@uq.edu.au    
Charlotte-Rose Millar c.millar@uq.edu.au  RELN1510 The History of the Supernatural
Laura Campbell-Snape l.campbellsnape@uq.edu.au
Jessica Garrahy jessica.garrahy@uqconnect.edu.au 
Aaron Ghiloni a.ghiloni@uq.edu.au RELN2113 Spirituality in the Everyday
Geoffrey White g.white2@uq.edu.au
Christopher Gibbons c.gibbons1@uq.edu.au  RELN2300 Rituals, Priests & Kings: A History of Hinduism
Laura Campbell-Snape laura.campbellsnape@uqconnect.edu.au RELN2410 The Bible: Narratives & Interpretations

Course Coordinator details can be found on the Studies in Religion Courses page.

Course Code
Course Title
Liam Miller l.miller3@uq.edu.au  PHIL1002 Introduction to Philosophy: What is Philosophy?
Hora Zabarjadisar h.zabarjadisar@uq.edu.au
Adrian Moore adrian.moore@uq.edu.au
Mariusz Popieluch mariusz.popieluch@uqconnect.edu.au
Liam Miller l.miller3@uq.edu.au  PHIL1013 Introduction to Ethics
Katherine Diserens k.diserens@uq.edu.au 
Simone Thornton s.thornton@uq.edu.au
George Nguyen g.nguyen@uq.edu.au PHIL2011 Philosophy of Modern Physics
Sameema Zahra sameema.zahra@uq.net.au PHIL2013 Rise of Modern Philosophy
Luke Zaphir l.zaphir@uq.edu.au
Christi Favor c.favor@uq.edu.au PHIL2110 Formal Logic: an introduction to classical formal logic
George Nguyen g.nguyen@uq.edu.au
Laura Roberts laura.roberts@uq.edu.au  PHIL2310 European Social Philosophy
Michael Vincent m.vincent2@uq.edu.au PHIL2750 Social and Economic Justice
Christi Favor c.favor@uq.edu.au PHIL7221 Environmental Philosophy

Course Coordinator details can be found on the Philosophy Courses page.

Course Code
Course Code
Henry Reese h.reese@uq.edu.au HIST2312 The History Makers
Kirk Graham k.graham1@uq.edu.au
Kirk Graham k.graham1@uq.edu.au HIST2408 Germany from Hitler to Reunification (1933-1991)
Leeanne Goldsmith l.goldsmith@uq.edu.au HIST2411 Witchcraft & Demonology in Early Modern Europe & Its Colonies
Charlotte-Rose Millar c.millar@uq.edu.au
Cassie Byrnes c.byrnes@uq.edu.au HIST2603 Sex in History
William Casey w.casey1@uq.edu.au WRIT3613 History in Action

Course Coordinator details can be found on the History Courses page.