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Semester 1, 2017

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Course Code
Course Title
Adam Brennan a.brennan@uq.edu.au ANCH1240 The Rise of Ancient Greece: Greek History to the 4th Century BC
Rachel Dowe r.dowe@uq.edu.au
Nicola Holm n.holm@uq.edu.au
Edward L'Orange e.lorange@uq.edu.au
John McTavish j.mctavish@uq.edu.au
Wesley Theobald w.theobald@uq.edu.au
Victoria Worrall v.worrall@uq.edu.au
Nicola Holm n.holm@uq.edu.au ANCH2030 Myth, Magic and Religion in the Ancient World
Dustin McKenzie d.mckenzie@uq.edu.au
Catherine Smallcombe c.smallcombe@uq.edu.au
Amy van der Boor a.vanderboor@uq.edu.au
Katee Dean k.dean1@uq.edu.au ANCH2290 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece
Rebecca Smith r.smith20@uq.edu.au
Nicola Holm n.holm@uq.edu.au ANCH3030 Special Topic in Roman History
Dustin McKenzie d.mckenzie@uq.edu.au
Timothy Hamlyn t.hamlyn@uq.edu.au LATN1110 Introductory Latin

Course Coordinator details can be found on the Classics Courses page.

Course Code
Course Title
Neal Apel neal.apel@uqconnect.edu.au RELN1000 World Religions
Chris Gibbons c.gibbons1@uq.edu.au
Geoffrey White g.white2@uq.edu.au
Maggie Barron m.barron@uq.edu.au RELN1510 The History of the Supernatural
Laura Campbell-Snape l.campbellsnape@uq.edu.au
Brendan Walsh b.walsh2@uq.edu.au
Neal Apel neal.apel@uqconnect.edu.au RELN2000 The Idea of the Sacred: Texts, Places and Festivals
James Ungureanu j.ungureanu@uq.edu.au
Monica Seini m.seini@uq.edu.au RELN2117 Sociology of Religion
Sam Hey s.hey@uq.edu.au RELN2411 Western Religious Thought from the Middle Ages to the Present
Tim Ruben t.ruben@uq.edu.au

Course Coordinator details can be found on the Studies in Religion Courses page.

Course Code
Course Title
Catherine Carol c.carol@uq.edu.au PHIL1002 Introduction to Philosophy: What is Philosophy?
Renee England r.england@uq.edu.au
Adrian Moore adrian.moore@uq.edu.au
Sameema Zahra s.zahra@uq.edu.au
Mark Cutler m.cutler@uq.edu.au PHIL1110 Critical Reasoning
George Nguyen g.nguyen@uq.edu.au
Alexandra Varlakov a.varlakov1@uq.edu.au
George Nguyen g.nguyen@uq.edu.au PHIL2020 Paradoxes
Matthew Gildersleeve m.gildersleeve@uq.edu.au PHIL2050 Mind and Cognition
Simone Thornton s.thornton@uq.edu.au PHIL2210 Environmental Philosophy
Elese Dowden e.dowden@uq.edu.au PHIL2300 Phenomenology and Existentialism
Michael Vincent m.vincent2@uq.edu.au PHIL2330 Political Philosophy
Kate Diserens k.diserens@uq.edu.au PHIL3630 Advanced Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy
Grace Campbell g.campbell5@uq.edu.au SCIE1000 Theory and Practice in Science
Leah Carr leah.carr@uq.edu.au
Elese Dowden e.dowden@uq.edu.au
Kevin Lowe k.lowe@uq.edu.au
Chris Mesiku c.mesiku@uq.edu.au
Nathan Pickels n.pickels@uq.edu.au
Terrilyn Sweep t.sweep@uq.edu.au
Toby Tan-De Souza t.tandesouza@uq.edu.au
Alexandra Varlakov a.varlakov1@uq.edu.au
Luke Zaphir l.zaphir@uq.edu.au

Course Coordinator details can be found on the Philosophy Courses page.

Course Code
Course Code
Michael Stewart michael.stewart@uq.edu.au HIST1601 Turning Points in World History
Lara Vanderstaay l.vanderstaay@uq.edu.au
Brendan Walsh b.walsh2@uq.edu.au
Karin Sellberg k.sellberg@uq.edu.au HIST2030 Bodies of Knowledge: History of Science and Medicine
Cassandra Byrnes cassandra.byrnes@uqconnect.edu.au HIST2247 The Making of Modern Australia: Society and Culture since 1901
Anna Temby a.temby@uq.edu.au
Olivia Formby o.formby@uq.edu.au HIST2412 The British Isles: 1500-1700
Jennifer Jorm j.jorm@uq.edu.au
Kirk Graham k.graham1@uq.edu.au HIST2414 Radical Right and Fascism in Europe
Alex Lister a.lister1@uq.edu.au HIST3301 History of Genocide
Olivia Formby o.formby@uq.edu.au HIST3303 Trafficking Bodies from the Ancient World to the Present

Course Coordinator details can be found on the History Courses page.